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As you have heard that

“ The time spent in God worship is never wasted or neglected”

Our mission is to help Muslims about prayer time, So mainly we are here to provide you an exact time of prayer from a different region of the globe and that is our goal because it will help you to offer prayer on time, as every Muslim knows God mostly likes those prayers which are always performed on time.


Finding quality data or information is hard on the internet. Our mission is to guide you with the exact prayer time and provide you the quality research based data. We have been working along on this to help our Muslim community about the importance of performing prayer on time.


Being a Muslim, prayer should be performed on time. Our purpose is to serve you in a better way. The only way you can perform prayer on time if you know the exact time. There is only one platform where you can get authentic information. So here we are to assist you in this. We heir our own researchers who will keep working on this and always going to update you with the genuine time and date. We have vast information about different cities’ prayer times. Our team is always here for you to resolve all the rising issues and problems regarding our website updates and many more.


We came across this after struggling hard for you. Our team wants you to tell us about any problem you’ve encountered with this platform. Our plan is to keep you engage with Islam and also Sometimes it happens we stop offering payers because of not knowing the right time but it won’t happen now because our whole team is with you.


We assure you that you have not encountered any issue with our website but in case If you got any technical issues while using our site or found any wrong information about timings or dates kindly let us know. We will be glad in finding you a solution to your problem. if you give us feedback about our work and if you are in search of more or demanding something innovative from us then also give a comment in a section box.

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