New York Prayer Time Daily & Weekly 2021 (NYC) | United States time

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New York Prayer Time (US), Salah Time, Nov 28, 2021, Fajr namaz time 5:43, Sharjah sunrise 7:06, Dhuhr time 12:29, Asr Sharjah time 15:31, it is Maghrib namaz. 5:52 p.m. & Isha Prayer 7:22 p.m. For those who like to pray on time, it is important to know Naming Timing and Rakat. Find the latest Prayer Time New York for today and 7 days (weeks) and months at

Today’s Prayer times New York

Fajr6:35 am
Sunrise7:56 am
Dhuhr12:43 pm
Asr03:11 pm
Maghrib05:30 pm
Isha06:51 pm

The Namaj Weekly Worship in NYC is also said to be simple, as those who do not have access to the nearby church cannot hear azaan. It is important to know the time when New York prayer to say Namaz / Salat on time. View fajr azan time, zuhr namaz time, asr new york time, maghrib time, and isha namaz time for today and 7 days of the week in New york prayer. In addition, these prayer times are adjusted daily according to various counts such as the University of Islamic Sciences, the Hanafi (Sunni) fiqa. Below are the scheduled times for today and the weekly Islamic prayers in New York

Prayer times New York Weekly (NYC)

DateFajrSunrise Dhuhr AsarMaghribIsha
Nov 255:34 AM6:55 AM11:43 AM2:12 PM4:31 PM5:51 PM
Nov 265:35 AM6:56 AM11:44 AM2:12 PM4:31 PM5:51 PM
Nov 275:35 AM6:57 AM11:45 AM2:11 PM4:30 PM5:51 PM
Nov 285:37 AM6:58 AM11:46 AM2:11 PM4:30 PM5:50 PM
Nov 295:38 AM6:59 AM11:47 AM2:11 PM4:29 PM5:50 PM
Nov 305:39 AM7:00 AM11:49 AM2:10 PM4:28 PM5:50 PM
Dec 015:40 AM7:01 AM11:49 AM2:10 PM4:27 PM5:50 PM
Dec 025:41 AM7:02 AM11:50 AM2:10 PM4:26 PM5:50 PM

Calculation Method Available for New York Prayer times (NYC)

There are many ways to count prayer time in New York City. You can choose the calculation method according to your needs. Here is a list of available procedures

  • Karachi University of Islamic Sciences
  • Islamic Institute of North America (ISNA)
  • Umm al-Qura, Maca
  • Institute of Geophysics, University of Tehran
  • Ithna Ashari
  • World Islamic League (MWL)
  • Egyptian General Authority of Survey

New York Prayer Times 2021

Prayer (Salah, Namaz) is a daily must for elderly Muslims as a time of prayer after the proclamation of their faith in Allah and His Prophet (SWT) and the pillars of Islam. Salaah is the only means of communication with ALLAH (SWT). Because Allah wants to keep connecting us from person to person. In addition to this, it is the physical, mental, or spiritual act of worshiping Allah. Muslims watch the five prayers at a set time each day. Namaz is a must-see for all Muslims around the world. Muslims say daily prayers according to the energy and position of the sun, to be done 5 times a day in the following hours.

  • Fajr: dawn, just before sunrise.
  • Dhuhr: At noon, only after the sun has passed its maximum.
    Asar: Half-afternoon.
    Maghreb: After sunset.
    Isha: Midnight and midnight

Ritual prayer is one of the daily activities that Muslims perform, such as Ramadan once a year, Hajj once in a lifetime, and Zakat once a year. Namaz helps support the body as it keeps negative thoughts away from the mind and body from violence.

What time is the Friday Prayer?

Friday prayer time in new york varies from mosque to mosque. Different mosques allocate timings according to day and night changes

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