Prayer time Dammam(KSA)- today & weekly 2021

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Prayer time Dammam(KSA) , Salah timings for today,08 Feb 2021 are Fajr namaz Time, Sunrise in Dammam , Dhuhr prayer Time , Asr Time Dammam , Maghrib namaz Time  & Isha prayer Time . People who like to offer prayer on time so it is important to know the namaz timings and rakaats as well. Find out the more accurate Dammam salah timings for today and 7 days(week) and for month as well on

Dammam Prayer time today

Fajr5:01 AM
Sunrise6:22 AM
Dhuhr11:54 AM
Asr3:03 PM
Maghrib5:26 PM
Isha6:56 PM

People who do not have access to a mosque nearby, they are unable to hear azaan so for their convenience we also mention the weekly namaaz timings Dammam . To offer namaz/salat on time, it is important to be familiar with the accurate Dammam Prayer time  . View fajr azan time, zuhr namaaz timing , asr time Dammam , maghrib time and isha namaz timing for today and weekly 7 days.  View accurate today and weekly Muslim Prayer Dammam timetable below:

Weekly Prayer times Dammam

Feb 085:01 AM6:22 AM11:54 AM3:03 PM5:26 PM6:56 PM
Feb 095:00 AM6:22 AM11:54 AM3:03 PM5:26 PM6:57 PM
Feb 105:00 AM6:22 AM11:54 AM3:03 PM5:26 PM6:57 PM
Feb 114:59 AM6:22 AM11:54 AM3:03 PM5:26 PM6:57 PM
Feb 124:58 AM6:22 AM11:54 AM3:03 PM5:26 PM6:57 PM
Feb 134:59 AM6:22 AM11:54 AM3:03 PM5:26 PM6:57 PM
Feb 144:8 AM6:22 AM11:54 AM3:03 PM5:26 PM6:57 PM
Feb 154:57 AM6:22 AM11:54 AM3:03 PM5:26 PM6:57 PM

What is Fajr time in Dammam ?

In Dammam , Fajr is the start of the day. Moreover, fajr consists of 4 rakaats, two farz, and two sunnah. Farj prayer offers before the sunrise as we can say dawn time, and remains until the sun shows up. Farj time ends when the sunrise.

What is zuhr time in Dammam ?

Dhuhr prayer in Dammam offers in the mid of the day . This namaaz consists of 12 rakaats in which 4 sunnah which offers at first then 4 farz offer after sunnah then 2 sunnah and 2 nafal. Its time ends before the asar time . When zuhr prayer time starts, it is also known as zawal time when the sun reaches its peak.

What is Asr time in Dammam ?

Asar payer offers in the afternoon also known as afternoon payer. It consists of 8 rakaats. 2 sunnah, and 2 farz namaaz. Asar time starts after zuhr and ends right before the Maghrib prayer.

What is Maghrib time Dammam ?

Maghrib prayer time offers in Dammam after asar, also know as sunset prayer. It consists of 7 rakaats. 3 farz, 2 sunnah and, 2 nafal. Maghrib time ends when the sky turns into dark, and we can say before isha prayers. But mostly we should try to offer this prayer asap because of its short timings.

What is isha time in Dammam ?

It is known as night prayers offer in Dammam , which is delivered during the last part of the day and ends before the fajr prayer. It consists of 17 rakaats: 4 sunnah, 4 farz, 2 sunnah, 2 nafal, 3 witr and 2 nafal.

Dammam is the Capital of eastern province and the sixth-largest country in Saudi Arabia. This city is considered as the central hub of the oil industry for Saudi Arabia. This city covers a large area of 800 km2. Islam is the main religion in all Arab countries as in Dammam with a total population of 1.034 million according to 2012 estimation. About 90% of its total population are Muslims other 10% people belong to different religion of might be from another state who came here for work. AS 90% of Muslims are of the total population so that offer prayers on time is essential for them.

A Dammam is a famous Arab country with many Muslim populations, so there are many mosques built in different areas so Muslims can offer prayer on time. But these mosques follow the different Dammam prayer timetable daily. Below we have the list of some famous mosque in Dammam

Famous mosque in Dammam

  • King Fahad Masjid Seiko Dammam
  • Al Wabel Grand Mosque
  • Mariam Albanai Mosque

King Fahad Masjid Seiko Dammam

prayer times dammam

King Fahad Masjid Seiko Dammam is the beautiful mosque in the region that gives an incredible spot to a few people so they can perform day by day supplication on Dammam petition timings and the total surface of 761 square kilometres (294 square miles) Which accommodate large people at a time. Muslim also perform jummah prayer with sermon by mozan, On eid, special arrangements perform for Eid prayer on Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha.

Mariam Albanai Mosque

prayer times dammam

Mariam Albanai Mosque serves the Muslim people group of Dammam and gives them a spot so they can play out their day by day multiple times supplications of a day on Dammam petition timings and Friday supplication on Dammam nearby petition timings. This Masjid additionally works such projects in which they encourage various points identified with religion and sort out different social exercises to join the individuals much better.

Al Wabel Grand Mosque

Al Wabel Grand Mosque is one of the noteworthy Mosques in Dammam as a result of its one of a kind engineering which can oblige countless Muslims so they can without much of a stretch play out their every day Salah on Dammam petition timings and offer Friday supplications and message on Dammam nearby petition timings. This mosque holding talks and Quranic hovers consistently. Read more about Dammam mosques do visit list of famous mosque in dammam

Calculation method for prayer timing

Generally, prayer timings are different all around the globe. Prayer timings are determined by using the different methods used by all Islamic schools by the situation and movement of the Sun. Moreover, it has been noticed that the sun’s position or movement comparative with the earth changes season by season. As prayer timings are always determined by the Sun, then to make it measurable, different researchers and organizations have been caught up with building up an equation for figuring petition times for urban areas like Dammam . Different techniques are being utilized to calculate the petition times due to changes in daily seasons.
It is important to determine the time difference in between these namaz; consequently, namaz time is being figured out by various computation techniques which are strictly implemented by various association around the globe, such as:

Available methods

Muslim World Group (MWL)Islamic Strict Focus of Tatarstan
Association of Islamiс Associations of France
Shia Ithna-Ashari
College of Islamic Sciences, Karachi
Islamic Culture of North America (ISNA)
Umm al-Qura, Makkah
Foundation of Geophysics, College of Tehran
Egyptian General Authority of Study
Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS)

We also have different prayer timings from other Muslims and non Muslims cities and countries as well on viewprayertimes

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