Prayer times Bahrain – Daily and Weekly 2021

Prayer times Bahrain- Sanad, Salah timings for today, 05 Feb 2021 are fajr times, sunrise, dhuhr namaz times, asr namaz, maghrib and isha times. On viewprayertimes you can find accurate salah and namaz times according to the changing in time due to day to day sun movement, we briefly mention the Salah times Bahrain. For your convenience, along with today, we have also mentioned weekly Muslim Salah times Bahrain.

Prayer time in Bahrain today

Fajr4:42 AM
Sunrise6:01 AM
Dhuhr11:50 AM
Asr3:10 PM
Maghrib5:39 PM
Isha7:09 PM

The purpose of mentioned weekly salah times Bahrain is to help the Muslim community to stay in touch with Islam and its compulsory practices. Some people do not have access mosque nearby, so it is easy for them to have weekly or monthly namaz times so that they can note down prayer times according to day or date on our site.

Weekly Salah times Sanad- Bahrain

Mar 034:42 AM6:01 AM11:50 AM3:10 PM5:39 PM7:09 PM
Mac 044:42 AM6:00 AM11:50 AM3:10 PM5:40 PM7:10 PM
Mar 054:41 AM5:59 AM11:50 AM3:10 PM5:40 PM7:10 PM
Mar 064:40 AM5:58 AM11:50 AM3:10 PM5:41 PM7:11 PM
Mar 074:39 AM5:58 AM11:50 AM3:11 PM5:41 PM7:11 PM
Mar 084:38 AM5:57 AM11:50 AM3:11 PM5:42 PM7:12 PM
Mar 094:37 AM5:57 AM11:50 AM3:11 PM5:43 PM7:12 PM
Mar 104:37 AM5:56 AM11:50 AM3:11 PM5:44 PM7:13 PM
Mar 114:36 AM5:55 AM11:50 AM3:11 PM5:44 PM7:14 PM

The purpose of Nawafil prayer is to seek nearness and forgiveness of Allah(swt). Allah has set different times of prayers in a day, and bless you according to that. During the time of Tahajjud, Allah is the most near to all mankind and accept your prayers .

Nawafil Prayer Bahrain

Nawafil prayerStart timeEnd time
Tahajjud07:53 PM04:54 AM
Ishraq06:36 AM06:36 AM
Chasht09:06 AM11:12 AM
Awwabin05:38 PM06:38 PM

Rakats in prayers:

A rakat consists of the number of recommended movements and recitation of verses of the Holy Quran practiced by Muslims while offering prayers. As we have five prayers in a day, every prayer has a different number of rakats:

Fajr prayer time Bahrain:

Fajr salah performs before sunrise when the sky turns into day, also can say in the last part of the night. it consists of two obligatory rakats, known as Fard, and two sunnah as well.

Dhuhr prayer time Bahrain:

Dhuhr salah is the second prayer of the day and offered at noon. This prayer comprises four obligatory rakats, four nafal, two sunnah, and two nafal.

Asr prayer time Bahrain:

Asar salah is performed in the afternoon. This prayer comprises four farz rakats and four sunnah rakats

Maghrib prayer time Bahrain:

Maghrib salah offered at sunset. Magrib salah consists of three farz rakats, two sunnah, and two nafal rakats.

Isha prayer time Bahrain:

The last prayer of the day is the Isha salah offered late at night. It includes four nafal, four obligatory rakats, two sunnah, two nafal, three witr, and two nafal at the end.

Bahrain(Sanad) Prayer times- This city have the 60% of Muslim population from the total. Therefore number of mosques are built for Muslims to offer prayer on time. Muslims offer Eid namaz and nawafil prayers in mosques as well.

Here we have list of Famous mosque Bahrain:

  • Al Fateh Grand mosque
  • Beit Al Quran mosque
  • Khamis mosque
click here to read more about Bahrain mosques.

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