Prayer times Calgary 2021- daily namaz

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Calgary Prayer time-Canada , Salah timings for today,27 Feb 2021 are Fajr namaz Time, Sunrise in Calgary, Dhuhr athan time, Asr Time Calgary, Maghrib namaz Time & Isha prayer Time. People who like to offer prayer on time so it is important to know the namaz timings and rakaats as well. Find out the more accurate daily Calgary salah and athan timings for today and 7 days(week) on View prayer times

Calgary prayer times today

Fajr5:12 AM
Sunrise6:33 AM
Dhuhr12:15 PM
Asr4:19 PM
Maghrib5:58 PM
Isha7:19 PM

People who do not have access to a mosque nearby, they are unable to hear athan, so, for their convenience, we also mention the weekly salah and namaaz timings Calgary. To offer namaz/salat on time, it is important to be familiar with the accurate Calgary Prayer time. View fajr azan time, zuhr namaaz timing, asr time calgary, maghrib time, and isha namaz timing for today and weekly 7 days. Moreover, these prayer timings update daily according to different calculation methods such as the University of Islamic science, fiqa Hanafi (Sunni). View accurate today and weekly Muslim Prayer Calgary timetable below:

Weekly Prayer times Calgary

Feb 275:33 AM7:26 AM12:49 PM3:37 PM6:13 PM7:43 PM
Feb 285:31 AM7:25 AM12:49 PM3:39 PM6:14 PM7:45 PM
Mar 015:29 AM7:24 AM12:49 PM3:40 PM6:16 PM7:46 PM
Mar 025:27 AM7:20 AM12:49 PM3:41 PM6:18 PM7:48 PM
Mar 035:25 AM7:18 AM12:48 PM3:43 PM6:20 PM7:49 PM
Mar 045:23 AM7:16 AM12:48 PM3:44 PM6:22 PM7:51 PM
Mar 055:21 AM7:14 AM12:48 PM3:47 PM6:21 PM7:53 PM
Mar 065:20 AM7:12 AM12:48 PM3:49 PM6:23 PM7:54 PM

What is Fajr time in Calgary ?

In Calgary, Fajr is the start of the day. Moreover, fajr consists of 4 rakaats, two farz, and two sunnah. Farj prayer offers before the sunrise as we can say dawn time, and remains until the sun shows up. Farj time ends when the sunrise.

What is zuhr time in Calgary ?

Dhuhr prayer in Calgary offers in the mid of the day . This namaaz consists of 12 rakaats in which 4 sunnah which offers at first then 4 farz offer after sunnah then 2 sunnah and 2 nafal. Its time ends before the asar time . When zuhr prayer time starts, it is also known as zawal time when the sun reaches its peak.

What is Asr time in Calgary ?

Asar payer offers in the afternoon also known as afternoon payer. It consists of 8 rakaats. 2 sunnah, and 2 farz namaaz. Asar time starts after zuhr and ends right before the Maghrib prayer.

What is Maghrib time Calgary ?

Maghrib prayer time offers in Calgaryafter asar, also known as sunset prayer. It consists of 7 rakaats. 3 farz, 2 sunnah and, 2 nafal. Maghrib time ends when the sky turns into dark, and we can say before isha prayers. But mostly we should try to offer this prayer asap because of its short timings.

What is isha time in Calgary ?

It is known as night prayers offer in Calgary, which is delivered during the last part of the day and ends before the fajr prayer. It consists of 17 rakaats: 4 sunnah, 4 farz, 2 sunnah, 2 nafal, 3 witr and 2 nafal.

What is Prayer in Calgary?

Prayer (salah, namaz) is obligatory for adult Muslims daily according to standardized prayer time after declaring faith in Allah and His Messenger Prophet (SWT) and the central pillar of Islam. Salaah is the only way to communicate with ALLAH(SWT) because Allah wants to stay connected with us as person to person. In addition to this, it is a physical, mental, or spiritual act of worship of Allah. Prayers are observed five times a day by Muslims every day at a prescribed time. Namaz has been made compulsory for every Muslim all around the globe. Petition are offered every day by Muslims according to the movement and position of the Sun and performed five times a day as per the following time:

  • Fajr: at the time of Dawn, before sunrise.
  • Dhuhr: Midday, right after the sun passes its highest point.
  •  Asar: The late part of the afternoon.
  • Maghrib: right after sunset.
  • Isha: Between sunset and midnight

Offer prayer is one of the most regular activities performed by Muslims every day, as Ramadan comes once in a year, hajj performs once in a lifetime, and zakat we gave once in a year. Namaz helps to nutrify your body because it keeps all the bad thoughts from your mind and keeps your body away from bad deeds.

Allah had made salah mandatory on Muslims for a certain reason such as:

  • Salah is basically the purification of the heart, also a means of self-purification.
  • Develop purity in character
  • Create patience and strength in yourself
  • Source of erasing your sins and ask forgiveness
  • Punctuality and being righteous
  • Keep you away from evil thoughts.
  • Helps to control your anger
  • makes you calm person

Calgary is located in the western of Alberta. This city has a total population of 1,581,000. Moreover, 5% of this total population is Muslim. Most Muslims are immigrants here for business and jobs; Muslim students are also here for studies. Calgary’s people allow Muslims to conduct prayers as per exact timings, and the government of Calgary respects the Muslim culture and permits them to build mosques for praying. There are many famous mosques and worships places for Muslims where they offer prayer as per Calgary’s accurate prayer timings. Muslims pray in these mosques and carry out many Islamic activities and provide people with many facilities such as nikah, funerals, and Islamic Quran studies.
Muslims also held different welfare activities to collect money for poor people and help the needy in difficult times. In Ramadan, special arrangements are made for taraweeh and iftar o sehri for people.

Whereas Calgary sehri time is also called Fajr time Calgary, and Calgary iftar time is also called Maghrib time Calgary. We often called Fajr and Maghrib time Sehr o iftar in Ramadan which is the Holy month for Muslims.

Some of the Famous mosques in Calgary have mentioned where Muslims offer five times prayer along with other Islamic activities.

  • Baitun Nur Mosque Calgary
  • Calgary Islamic Center SW Masjid (CICSW)
  • Islamic Center of South Calgary

Read detail about the Famous Mosques in Calgary, Click here and learn about opening and closing timings for this mosque, you can also find out the other Islamic activities carried out in these mosques for Muslims of Calgary.

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