Prayer times Islamabad 2021 daily and weekly

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Prayer times Islamabad(Pakistan), Salah timings for today, Feb 06, 2021, are Fajr namaz Time, Sunrise in Islamabad, Dhuhr prayer Time, Asr Time Islamabad, Maghrib namaz Time  & Isha prayer Time. People like to offer prayer on time so it is important to know the namaz timings and rakaats as well. Find out the more accurate Islamabad salah timings for today and 7 days(week) and for a month as well on ViewprayertimesToday Prayer times Islamabad

Fajr5:29 AM
Sunrise6:52 AM
Dhuhr12:22 PM
Asr4:13 PM
Maghrib5:52 PM
Isha7:16 PM

Prayer is obligatory for all Muslims and should be offered on time. People who do not have access to a mosque nearby can get the weekly timetable for fajr azaan time Islamabad, zuhr namaaz time, asr, maghrib salaah, and isha;

Weekly Prayer times Islamabad timetable

Feb 155:29 AM6:52 AM12:22 PM4:13 PM5:52 PM7:16 PM
Feb 165:28 AM6:51 AM12:22 PM4:13 PM5:52 PM7:17 PM
Feb 175:28 AM6:50 AM12:22 PM4:13 PM5:53 PM7:18 PM
Feb 185:27 AM6:49 AM12:21 PM4:14 PM5:54 PM7:18 PM
Feb 195:27 AM6:48 AM12:21 PM4:14 PM5:55 PM7:19 PM
Feb 205:26 AM6:48 AM12:21 PM4:15 PM5:56 PM7:20 PM
Feb 215:25 AM6:47 AM12:21 PM4:16 PM5:57 PM7:21 PM
Feb 225:24 AM6:47 AM12:21 PM4:17 PM5:58 PM7:22 PM

Nawafil prayers Islamabad

Nawafil prayer times Islamabad . Expect these daily five times azan times in Islamabad, Pakistan. Nawafil prayers also have specific timings according to city or country. Four types of nafl prayers offer in a day, tahajjud time in Islamabad, ishraq salaah time in Islamabad, chasht, and awwabin prayer. below we have given the table of nawafil namaz timing in Islamabad:

Nawafil PrayerStart timeEnd time
Tahajjud08:07 PM05:32 AM
Ishraq07:16 AM07:16 AM
Chasht09:41 AM11:42 AM
Awwabin05:58 PM06:52 PM

Zawal Time :

Start Time:11:52 AM End Time:12:32 PM
Sun Rise :
Start Time:07:14 AM End Time:07:29 AM

Islamic Holiday calendar 2020-2021

Laylat al-RaghaibNight from 18 to 19 february 2021Night from 6 to 7 Rajab 1442
Isra and Mi’rajNight from 10 to 11 march 2021Night from 26 to 27 Rajab 1442
Mid-Sha’banNight from 27 to 28 march 2021Night from 14 to 15 Sha’aban 1442
Ramadanfrom 13 april to 12 may 2021from 1 to 30 Ramadan 1442
Eid al-Fitr13 may 20211 Shawwal 1442
Day of Arafah19 july 20219 Dhu al-Hijjah 1442
Eid al-Adha20 july 202110 Dhu al-Hijjah 1442
New Year9 august 20211 Muharram 1443
Ashura18 august 202110 Muharram 1443
Mawlid18 october 202112 Rabi’ al-Awwal 1443
Eid prayers (Eid al-Fitr)13 may 2021, 06:18—12:281 Shawwal 1442, 06:18—12:28
Eid prayers (Eid al-Adha)20 july 2021, 06:23—12:3810 Dhu al-Hijjah 1442, 06:23—12:38

Namaaz, also called salaah and prayer, offer five times a day by Muslims all around the day. It is one of the essential duty performed by Muslims every day about five times. All your problems will fly away once you start praying to God. As we know, sun movement determines the pray timeings, but given timetable helps you to offer prayer on time whether you follow Sunni prayer timings in Islamabad or Shia prayer timings

Islamabad, Pakistan

Islamabad is one of the famous city of Pakistan and the capital of pak. Moreover, Islamabad is listed in the beautiful cities in the world. According to the 2017 survey, the total population of Islamabad is about 1.015 million. People from other religions like Christian also live here, but Islam is the main religion all over Pakistan’s cities. 

In Islamabad, Muslims offer five times prayer. While living in Islamabad, it is impossible that you do not have access to mosques nearby; if you don’t hear azaan, then on our site, viewprayertimes, you can get quickly salaah and azan time in Pakistan Islamabad timetable to help you in offer prayer on time. Different prayer timings for today and seven days weekly schedule azan time in Islamabad, Pakistan, such as fajr azan timing today, sunrise and sunset in Islamabad, zuhr prayer times, asr azan time in Islamabad, Maghrib prayer timings, and isha azan time. we update our timings according to different calculation method prayer timings in Islamabad

Fajr prayer time Islamabad

 Fajr salah performs before sunrise when the sky turns into day, also can say in the last part of the night. This salah consists of two obligatory rakats, known as Fard, and two sunnah as well.

 Dhuhr prayer time Islamabad

 Dhuhr salah is the second prayer of the day and offered at noon. This prayer comprises four obligatory rakats, four naval, two sunnah, and two naval.

 Asr prayer time Islamabad

 Asar salah is performed in the afternoon. This prayer comprises four farz rakats and four sunnah rakats

 Maghrib prayer time in Islamabad

 Maghrib salah offered at sunset. Magrib salah consists of three farz rakats, two sunnah, and two nafal rakats.

 Isha time in Islamabad

 The last prayer of the day is the Isha salah offered late at night. It includes four nafal, four obligatory rakats, two sunnah, two nafal, three witr, and two nafal at the end.

 Not only five prayers Muslims offer in a day. Prayer named nawafil also has distinguished timings as per day. In addition, timings are not the same as daily prayers; if you offer nawafil prayers in a day, you have to familiar with the timetable of these namaaz timings according to Islamabad prayer timings. We also mention tahajjud time, namaaz e ishraq namaaz time in Islamabad, chast prayer time, and awwabin prayer. These prayers offer in a different awqaat of the day.

Tahajjud time in Islamabad 

The Tahajjud is an Islamic prayer, and the actual times for this prayer is after isha prayer and before fajr prayer. In other words, the latter portion of the night when you woke up from sleep in the mid of the night. Tahajjid is recommended by all Muslims but not compulsory for all Muslims. Tahajjud

time in Islamabad is 7:30 am

Namaaz e ishraq time in Islamabad 

Ishraqas already mentioned, these prayers are not compulsory to pray as same as ishraq. Ishraq Prayer is done 15-20 minutes after the sunrise. Find or search out the sun rising time in your city to know the accurate ishraq prayer time before going to sleep to pray.

Chast prayer time in Islamabad 

The dhuha prayer in Arabic means the morning; it offers between fajr and dhuhr’s obligatory prayers. According to Rasulullah (PBUH), the best part to perform chast is after passing one-fourth of the day. Dhuha prayer time is 9:29 am

Awwabin prayer time

Awwabinthe best time to offer Salat al-Awwabin is right after the Maghrib Salah or before isha salah. Namaaz e Awwabin time in islamabad is 5:18

 Available prayer timings calculation methods Islamabad prayer and azaan timings have different calculation methods. Hence, People of Pakistan offer prayers according to their desire method:

  1. University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi
  2. Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)
  3. Umm al-Qura, Makkah
  4.  Institute of Geophysics, University of Tehran
  5. Ithna Ashari
  6. Muslim World League (MWL)
  7. Egyptian General Authority of Survey

Juristic methods are available

Two different juristic methods are available for prayer timings in Islamabad. You can choose according to yours:

  • Hanafi
  • Shafii

Fiqah jafriya and fiqah hanifiya have two different prayer timings in Islamabad. Shai( jafriya) cannot pray, according to the hanifiya timetable. Ultimately they have different Sehr o iftar timings as well. We also mention the Shia prayer timings in Islamabad to avoid confusion because not only Sunnis offer prayer, but the Shia community also regularly prayer. We follow different calculation methods. That’s why e have all the information about the namaz timings followed by ahle tashi. The given timetable will help you pray on time.

Famous mosques in Islamabad

There are several famous spots in Islamabad, but the worship places always get the attention of Muslims. Here we have name of several Famous mosques In Islamabad mention below

  1.  Faisal Mosque
  2.  Zia Masjid
  3.  Jamia Al-Kauthar Mosque

Faisal mosque is a famous mosque In Islamabad, Pakistan. When this mosque was completed, it was considered the largest mosque in the world in the late 18s, but now it is the fifth; largest mosque globally—located on the Margalla Hills in Islamabad. 10,000 Muslims can worship at one time. Furthermore, tourists from other cities and countries also come here to visit this mosque.

People nearby offer prayer five times a day here. A large number of people especially come on every Friday to offer Jumma prayer in Faisal mosque Islamabad. A larger congregation formed during the Eid prayer time at Faisal mosque. Muslims celebrate two significant Eid every year. Faisal mosque eid namaz timing 2020 was 7:30 am. Eid prayer timings in Islamabad is different every year. 

Eid al-Fitr 2020 in Pakistan began in the evening of Saturday, 23 May 2020. In 2021 the predicted date for Eid is Wednesday, 12 May

Eid al-Adha 2020 in Pakistan began in the evening of Friday, 31 July. In 2021 the eid ul Adha in Islamabad will be on Monday 19, July.

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