Prayer times Istanbul 2021- Namaz Vakitleri Istanbul

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Get the accurate prayer times Istanbul (namaz vakitleri Istanbul) today 10 Feb, 2021 to offer five times prayer. Fajr (ismak) time Istanbul, Dhuhr (Öğle) namaz vekit Istanbul, Asr (İkindi)vekit Istanbul, Maghrib (Akşam) vekit namaz Istanbul, Isha (Yatsı ) namaz Istanbul. People who like to offer prayer on time so it is important to know the namaz timings and rakaats as well. 

Today Prayer times Istanbul- Istanbul namaz vakitleri

Find out the more accurate Istanbul salah timings for today and 7 days(week) and for month as well on View prayer times

Fajr5:32 AM
Sunrise7:05 AM
Dhuhr12:18 PM
Asr3:08 PM
Maghrib5:32 PM
Isha7:00 PM

Weekly Prayer times Istanbul- Istanbul İçin Haftalık Namaz Vakitleri

We have also mentioned the weekly 7 days prayer timings to get daily information about prayer timings Fajr, dhuhr, asr, maghrib, and isha on time. For people who offer prayer on time, it is easy for them to get a whole week’s information about the next day’s timings. Sunrise timings are also mentioned in these weekly timings.

Feb 105:32 AM7:05 AM12:18 PM3:08 PM5:32 PM7:00 PM
Feb 115:32 AM7:05 AM12:18 PM3:08 PM5:32 PM7:00 PM
Feb `125:32 AM7:05 AM12:18 PM3:08 PM5:32 PM7:00 PM
Feb 135:32 AM7:05 AM12:18 PM3:08 PM5:32 PM7:01 PM
Feb 145:26 AM7:05 AM12:18 PM3:08 PM5:32 PM7:01 PM
Feb 155:26 AM7:05 AM12:18 PM3:08 PM5:32 PM7:01 PM
Feb 165:26 AM7:05 AM12:18 PM3:08 PM5:32 PM7:01 PM
Feb 165:26 AM7:05 AM12:18 PM3:08 PM5:32 PM7:01 PM

Offer prayer is one of the vital duties to be performed by every Muslim worldwide every day. Muslims offer five times a day, along with daily five times prayer there are several prayers people offer in a day, such as Tahajjud vakit Istanbul, Isharaq namaz time, Chast (Duha) namaz vakit, and Awwabin. To offer these prayers on time, it is essential to know about their exact timings daily because the timings of these prayers are way much different than obligatory prayers:

Ramadan Start and End date

According to the 2021 Islamic calendar, Ramadan’s starting date is Apr 14, 2021, whereas the ending date will be May 13, 2021. Generally, it is observed that in some countries Ramadan start one day before in some part of the world such as sub-continent including Pakistan, Bangladesh, and many other Muslims countries. Therefore some countries celebrate Eid day before than other countries and cities of the world.

Eid ul Fitr will be celebrated this year on 12 May, Wednesday, and Eid ul Adha will be celebrated on 19 July, Monday. The Eid date depends on the Eid moon. It appears a day before in some countries, so they celebrate Eid according to their date.

Being a Muslim Praying five times a day is an important duty to perform every day. Moreover, when you hear ezan, leave your work behind, and offer prayer at first. When you start to offer prayers, all your problems will fly away. A person who offers prayer on time, Allah blessing will always be on him. The purpose of mentioning today’s and weekly prayer timetable is that so you can offer obligatory prayer according to the right time.

Islamic prayers are not set or offer according to the time of the clock; it is based on various factors. The timings of azan/ Ezan change daily from day to day or even place to place due to the position or movement of the Sun. Some other factors are also included in it, such as longitude or latitude, sunrise and sunset timings day today, and also the Mecca (Makkah) geographical relationship to that specific city or country. Islamic prayers.

Available Istanbul prayer timings calculation methods

As prayer timing based on different factors, here we have different calculation methods available on which the prayer timings in Istanbul are being calculated on a daily basis. It depends on you which method you choose for offer pray 

  1.  University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi
  2. Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)
  3. Umm al-Qura, Makkah
  4.  Institute of Geophysics, University of Tehran
  5. Ithna Ashari
  6. Muslim World League (MWL)
  7. Egyptian General Authority of Survey

what is called prayer in turkish

Prayer has different meanings in other languages; we have written the five times prayers’ names in Turkish and Arabic with timings, at what time these prayers are offered.

İmsak (Fajr; 03:38 am): two hours before dawn

Güneş (Shuruq, Tulu;05:42 am): Dawn, before the sun appears

Öğle (Dhuhr, Zuhr;13:12, 1:12 pm): Midday, when the sun passes the zenith

İkindi (Asr; 17:07, 5:07 pm): Afternoon, when the shadows cast by objects are equal to their height

Akşam (Maghrib; 20:21, 8:21 pm): Sunset, when the sun has disappeared

Yatsı (Isha; 22:08, 10:08 pm): When the last light of day has disappeared in other words, offer in the last part of the day

On our site, we give the timetable of five obligatory prayers such as

  • Fajar Namaz time in Istanbul
  •  Zuhar Namaz time in Istanbul
  • Asar Namaz time in Istanbul
  • Maghrib Namaz time in Istanbul
  • Isha Namaz time in Istanbul

In these daily five prayers, there are spaced fairly in timings so that you can also pray nawafil prayers cause it constantly reminds you Of Allah, which are the reason for forgiveness of Allah

Also, we have mentioned the timings of nawafil prayers, which will help you know the timings of nafl prayer time in Istanbul. Expect the five compulsory prayers, and there are few prayers in Islam as well, which also have timings different from the daily five prayers, which also call Nawafil prayers. These prayers are not compulsory, but if you do, then Allah(SWT) grants you special rewards. You can pray as much nafal as you can, have no fix rakaats. Allah likes those prayers in which Muslims offer in the midst of the night.

 Nawafil Prayer time in Istanbul

The Tahajjud is an Islamic prayer, and the actual times for this prayer is after isha prayer and before fajr prayer. In other words,the latter portion of the night when you woke up from sleep in the mid of the night. Tahajjid is recommended by all Muslims but not compulsory for all Muslims. Tahajjud time in Istanbul is 7:30 PM.

 Ishraq, as already mentioned, these prayers are not compulsory to pray as same as Ishraq. Ishraq Prayer done 15-20 minutes after the sunrise. Find or search out what is the sun rising time in your city to know the accurate ishraq prayer time before going to sleep so you can pray.

Dhuha(chast) The dhuha prayer in Arabic means the morning; it offers between the obligatory prayers of fajr and dhuhr. According to Rasulullah (PBUH), the best part to perform chast is after passing one-fourth of the day. duha prayer time in Istanbul is 9:29 AM

Awwabin, the best time to offer Salat al-Awwabin is right after the Maghrib Salah or before isha salah. Awwabin prayer time in Istanbul is 5:18

Sunrise and Sunset time Istanbul has already given in timetable. The Sunsire time in Istanbul is also called the sehri time in Istanbul. At the same time, the sunset is also called iftar time in Istanbul. In other words, daily, we called Sehr o iftar timings fajr and isha. Sehr o iftar time is also called Muslims Ramadan time, which comes once in a year for a month.
Ramadan start and end date in Istanbul.


Istanbul,  also known as Byzantium and Constantinople, moreover it is the largest city in Turkey. This country is a hub of culture, history, and culture. Istanbul act as a bridge between Europe and Asia. According to the last estimation, the total population of Istanbul is 15 million. Islam is the official religion in this country, and about 95% of its population are Muslims.

It is the world’s fifteenth-largest city and the largest city in all European cities. In 660 BCE, this city founded as Byzantion later renamed Constantinople in 330 CE. Gradually this city increasing in size and population. This country is rich in cultural and historical places. Over 13.4 million foreign visitors came to Istanbul in 2018. There are several historical places and mosques in Istanbul that are worth seeing.

Several mosque in Istanbul are worth seeing due to them fine architect which reflects the Islamic culture and history. Below we have name of mosques visited most in every year:

Famous Mosque in Istanbul

The Blue Mosque

Sultan Ahmed mosque also known as Blue Mosque Istanbul-Turkey

prayer times Istanbul

Hagia Sophia

This mosque was converted in to Museum by the Republic of turkey, before that it was considered as mosque till 1935.

prayer times istanbul

Suleymaniye Mosque

prayer times istanbul



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