Prayer times Karachi (Pak) 2021- daily & weekly

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Get the accurate prayer times Karachi today, Feb 05, 2021, for Fajr time in Karachi today, zuhr time, asr namaz, maghrib time in Karachi and isha namaz time. People like to offer prayer on time so it is important to know the namaz timings and rakaats as well. Find out the more accurate Karachi salah timings for today and 7 days(week) as well on

Prayer times Karachi today

Fajr5:54 AM
Sunrise7:12 AM
Dhuhr12:46 PM
Asr4:43 PM
Maghrib6:20 PM
Isha7:37 PM

Prayers should be offered on time, so it is essential to be familiar with the daily prayer timings at Karachi. as, prayer timings changes with sun movement, and Islamic prayer timings settle according to sun changes. Below we have a time table for the weekly Karachi prayer timings chart:

Weekly Namaz timing in Karachi

Feb 065:54 AM7:12 AM12:46 PM4:43 PM6:20 PM7:37 PM
Feb 075:54 AM7:11 AM12:46 PM4:43 PM6:20 PM7:38 PM
Feb 085:54 AM7:11 AM12:46 PM4:44 PM6:21 PM7:38 PM
Feb 095:54 AM7:11 AM12:46 PM4:44 PM6:21 PM7:38 PM
Feb 105:53 AM7:10 AM12:46 PM4:45 PM6:21 PM7:39 PM
Feb115:53 AM7:10 AM12:46 PM4:45 PM6:21 PM7:39 PM
Feb 125:52 AM7:09 AM12:46 PM4:45 PM6:22 PM7:40 PM
Feb 135:52 AM7:09 AM12:46 PM4:46 PM6:22 PM7:41 PM

Nawafil time in Karachi

Along with these daily prayers, there are also a number of prayers Muslims offer in a day. These prayers are not obligatorily known as Nawafil prayers, also called sunnah prayer. Nawafil prayers can be done at the mosque or at home as well. Here we have Nawafil namaz timing in Karachi.

Nawafil prayerStart timeEnd time
Tahajjud08:37 PM05:49 AM
Ishraq07:27 AM07:27 AM
Chasht09:59 AM12:06 PM
Awwabin06:35 PM07:22 PM

The term Zawal means the accurate time when the Sun at its zenith or meridian at mid-day, its time start before zuhr prayer. At this time, you cannot offer Namaz, any Nafal, or Sajdah as well. Offering Quran and tasbeeh is not prohibited at this time. Below we have a table of Zawal time in Karachi and sunrise time Karachi for your convenient:

Zawal time in Karachi today:

Zawal Time :
Start Time:11:52 AM End Time:12:32 PM
Sun Rise :
Start Time:07:14 AM End Time:07:29 AM

Eid prayer times Karachi:

Eid prayer times Karachi vary year to year. Muslim celebrate two Eid every year; Eid ul fitr prayer and Eid ul Adha prayer. Few countries celebrate Eid a day before and some a day after, it depends on moon position and movement.

Eid ul fitr namaz time in Karachi 2020 was offer at 9:00AM, Saturday 23, May. Eid al fitr date for 2021 is Wednesday 12, May.

Moreover, Eid ul Adha namaz time in Karachi 2020 was offer at 6:40AM, Saturday 23, May. Eid al Adha date for 2021 is Wednesday 21, july.

Ramadan prayer times Karachi

Ramazan also pronounce as Ramadan, fourth pillar of Islam which comes once in a year and lasts for 30 days. Muslims fasts from sunrise to sunset. In Ramadan, fajr time Karachi also called sehri time in Karachi and magrib time Karachi known as iftar time Karachi. During this month, Muslims are restrict to eat or other activities which are prohibited from dawn to sunset. Ramadan timings changes every year. This year 2021, according to predictions Ramadan starting 2021 from Monday, 14 April and end in the evening of Wednesday, 14 May. Ramadan calendar 2020 Karachi have ten days difference in 2021 calender.

Islamic Holiday calendar 2020-2021

Laylat al-RaghaibNight from 18 to 19 february 2021Night from 6 to 7 Rajab 1442
Isra and Mi’rajNight from 10 to 11 march 2021Night from 26 to 27 Rajab 1442
Mid-Sha’banNight from 27 to 28 march 2021Night from 14 to 15 Sha’aban 1442
Ramadanfrom 13 april to 12 may 2021from 1 to 30 Ramadan 1442
Eid al-Fitr13 may 20211 Shawwal 1442
Day of Arafah19 july 20219 Dhu al-Hijjah 1442
Eid al-Adha20 july 202110 Dhu al-Hijjah 1442
New Year9 august 20211 Muharram 1443
Ashura18 august 202110 Muharram 1443
Mawlid18 october 202112 Rabi’ al-Awwal 1443
Eid prayers (Eid al-Fitr)13 may 2021, 06:18—12:281 Shawwal 1442, 06:18—12:28
Eid prayers (Eid al-Adha)20 july 2021, 06:23—12:3810 Dhu al-Hijjah 1442, 06:23—12:38

About Karachi:

Karachi is the largest country of Pakistan and the capital of Province Sindh. Karachi is called the” city of lights” and is also known as the city of Quaid because of the born and burial of Quaid who was the founder of Pakistan. According to a 2017 survey, the total population of Karachi is about 17.63 million people living here. Moreover, its the largest city in the Muslim world. This country is also called financial capital due to making a large amount of national revenue every year.

Religion in Karachi

Islam is the main religion in  Karachi Pakistan. Along with the high Muslim community, people from other religions also live here. Karachi is rich due to the variety of cultures found in it. Its population increased from the independent to till now. During independence, large Muslims people and Indian migrated to Karachi. In Karachi, a number of people from different cultures are found such as Sindhi, Balochi, Indian, Christian, and many more.  If we talk about area Karachi, it spreads over a vast area of about 3,530 km per square which is almost 5 times more than Singapore.

Due to the high Muslim community, there are a larger number of mosques built in Karachi. Azaan delivers five times a day according to exact namaz timings in Karachi.

Fajr azan time in Karachi 5:58 AM

Zohar time in Karachi 12:41 PM

Asr time Karachi  4:28 PM

Maghrib time Karachi  6:04 PM

Isha namaz time in karachi 7:24 PM

You can also check prayer timings of different countries and cities as well on our site viewprayertimes. Also compare the time difference of prayer timings in your and other countries.

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