Prayer times Kuwait – daily and weekly 2021

Prayer times Kuwait- Salaah is obligatory for Muslims all around the world and should be performed five times a day. On viewprayertimes, you can find prayer times in Kuwait on daily basis. If you want to pray on time, then it’s important to know accurate prayer times in Kuwait. We daily update our prayer timings because prayer times changes day by day due to change in the position of the sun.

Today Prayer times Kuwait

Fajr4:52 AM
Sunrise6:14 AM
Dhuhr12:00 PM
Asr3:19 PM
Maghrib5:48 PM
Isha7:18 PM

Weekly Prayer times Kuwait

In addition to daily prayer times in Kuwait, we also provide you weekly timetable schedule to offer salah on time. Get weekly fajr namaz time, sunrise time in Kuwait, dhuhr time, asr prayer time, Maghrib prayer time, and isha prayer times in Kuwait.

Mar 025:12 AM6:36 AM12:02 PM3:07 PM5:29 PM6:59 PM
Mar 035:12 AM6:35 AM12:02 PM3:08 PM5:30 PM7:00 PM
Mar 045:11 AM6:34 AM12:02 PM3:08 PM5:30 PM7:01 PM
Mar 055:10 AM6:34 AM12:02 PM3:09 PM5:31 PM7:01 PM
Mar 065:10 AM6:33 AM12:02 PM3:10 PM5:32 PM7:02 PM
Mar 075:09 AM6:32 AM12:02 PM3:11 PM5:32 PM7:03 PM
Mar 085:09 AM6:32 AM12:02 PM3:11 PM5:33 PM7:04 PM
Mar 095:08 AM6:31 AM12:02 PM3:12 PM5:34 PM7:05 PM

Nawafil prayer times Al-kuwait:

Nawafil PrayerStart timeEnd time
Tahajjud07:58 PM05:08 AM
Ishraq06:51 AM06:51 AM
Chasht09:19 AM11:22 AM
Awwabin05:43 PM06:43 PM

Al-kuwait Namaz timings top cities

Al Fahahil5:11 am12:01 pm3:06 pm5:29 pm6:59 pm
Al Manqaf5:11 am12:01 pm3:06 pm5:29 pm6:59 pm
Ar Riqqah5:12 am12:02 pm3:06 pm5:29 pm6:59 pm
Ar Rabiyah5:12 am12:02 pm3:07 pm5:29 pm6:59 pm
Bayan5:12 am12:02 pm3:06 pm5:29 pm6:59 pm
Salwa5:12 am12:02 pm3:06 pm5:29 pm6:59 pm

The official religion of Kuwait is Islam. Moreover, 70 to 75% of people are Sunni, and the rest of them are Shia or Christian. Some other minor Muslim sects do exist in Kuwait’s society, but in very small or rare numbers. There are no estimates of the number of non-citizen Muslims. The distance between Mecca and Kuwait City is 2684237.96475855 km

The total population of Kuwait is round about 4.5 million, in which 40.42% people are Asian, 30.36%kuwaiti, 27.29% Arabs, 1.02% African, 0.39% European and other ethnic groups are 0.52%, but 74.36% of Kuwait population religion is Islam, 18.17% Christianity and other people from other religions are 7.47%.

Muslim Prayer:

Salah (namaz) is obligatory for Muslim daily according to standardized prayer time after declaring faith in Allah and His Messenger Prophet (SWT). Salaah is the only way to communicate with ALLAH(SWT) because Allah wants to stay connected with us as person to person. It is a physical, mental, or spiritual act of worship of Allah. Prayers have been made compulsory for every Muslim all around the globe. Every day Muslims offer prayer according to the movement and position of the Sun and performed five times a day as per the following time:

  • Fajr namaaz time: at the time of Dawn, before sunrise.
  • Dhuhr prayer time : Midday, right after the sun passes its highest point.
  • Asar prayer time: The late part of the afternoon.
  • Maghrib prayer(salah) time: right after sunset.
  • Isha prayer time: Between sunset and midnight.
click here to learn more about Islamic Prayer.

Famous mosque in Kuwait:


The Grand mosque of Kuwait is one of the largest and biggest mosques in Kuwait. Furthermore, the total area of mosque about 45,000-meter square. The construction of this mosque was completed in 1986. The total cost of the makeup of this mosque about 13,000,000 KWD (48,644,400 USD)

This mosque is decorated with Asma al-Husna, the 99 names of God. moreover, this mosque contains a 350-meter square Muslim library where a number of books related to Islam are available.

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