Prayer times Lahore – Daily and weekly 2021

Prayer times Lahore- 04 Mar 2021 today Namaz and Salah timings. People who like to offer prayer on time so it is important to know the namaz timings and rakaats as well. Find out the more accurate Lahore salah timings for today and 7 days(week) on view prayer times

Prayer time Lahore today

Fajr5:09 AM
Sunrise6:30 AM
Dhuhr12:15 PM
Asr4:21 PM
Maghrib6:01 PM
Isha7:21 PM

People who do not have access to a mosque nearby, they are unable to hear azaan so for their convenience we also mention the weekly namaaz timings Lahore. To offer prayer on time, it is important to be familiar with the accurate namaaz timings.

View fajr azan time Lahore, zuhr namaaz timing , asr prayer time in Lahore, maghrib time Lahore and isha namaz timing for today and weekly 7 days. Moreover, these prayer timings update daily according to different calculation methods such as the University of Islamic science, fiqa Hanafi (Sunni). Their Namaaz timings are called Sunni namaaz timings in Lahore or namaaz timing in Lahore Hanafi.

Weekly Namaz timing Lahore

Mar 045:31 AM6:53 AM12:17 PM4:02 PM5:41 PM7:03 PM
Mar 055:30 AM6:52 AM12:17 PM4:03 PM5:41 PM7:04 PM
Ma 065:30 AM6:52 AM12:17 PM4:03 PM5:42 PM7:04 PM
Mar 075:29 AM6:51 AM12:17 PM4:04 PM5:42 PM7:05 PM
Mar 085:28 AM6:50 AM12:17 PM4:05 PM5:43 PM7:05 PM
Mar 095:27 AM6:49 AM12:17 PM4:05 PM5:44 PM7:06 PM
Mar 105:27 AM6:48 AM12:17 PM4:05 PM5:44 PM7:07 PM
Mar 115:26 AM6:48 AM12:17 PM4:06 PM5:45 PM7:08 PM

Nawafil Prayer Lahore

Nawafil PrayerStart timeEnd time
Tahajjud08:03 PM05:26 AM
Ishraq07:08 AM07:08 AM
Chasht09:34 AM11:36 AM
Awwabin05:55 PM06:48 PM

Expect the five compulsory prayers, and there are few prayers in Islam as well, which also have timings different from daily five prayers which also call Nawafil prayers. These prayers are not compulsory, but if you do then Allah(SWT) grant you with special rewards. You can pray as much nafal as you can, have no fix rakaats. Allah likes those prayers in which Muslims offers in the midst of the night. Nawafil prayers and their details are giving below on viewprayertimes:

The Tahajjud is an Islamic prayer, and the actual times for this prayer is after isha prayer and before fajr prayer. In other words, the latter portion of the night when you woke up from sleep in the mid of night. Tahajjid is recommended from all Muslims but not compulsory for all Muslims. Tahajjud time in lahore is 7:30PM

Ishraq as already mentioned, these prayers are not compulsory to pray as same as ishraq. Ishraq Prayer is done 15-20 mints after the sunrise. Find or search out what is the sun rising time in your city to know the accurate ishraq prayer time before going to sleep so you can pray.

Dhuha(chast) The dhuha prayer in Arabic means the morning, it offers between the obligatory prayers of fajr and dhuhr. According to Rasulullah (PBUH) the best part to perform chast is after passing one-forth of the day. duha prayer time in lahore is 9:29AM

Awwabin the best time to offer Salat al-Awwabin is right after the Maghrib Salah or before isha salah. Awwabin prayer time in lahore is 5:18

Lahore Sehr & Iftar Timings 2020

Lahore fajr or dawn time also called Sehr time and Lahore maghrib time is also known as iftar timings. So that
Today Lahore Sehr Iftar timings are: Sehr Time: 05:33 and Iftar Time: 17:33 for Hanafi, Sunni, Safi’i

Rakat in salah

A rakat consists of the number of recommended movements and recitation of verses of the Holy Quran practiced by Muslims while offering prayers. As we have five prayers in a day, every prayer has a different number of rakats:

Fajr namaz rakat

Fajr is the start of the day. Moreover, fajr consists of 4 rakaats, two farz, and two sunnah. Farj prayer offers before the sunrise as we can say dawn time, and remains until the sun shows up. Farj time ends when the sunrise.

Zuhr namaz rakat

Dhuhr prayer offers in the mid of the day. This namaaz consists of 12 rakaats in which 4 sunnah which offers at first then 4 farz offer after sunnah then 2 sunnah and 2 nafal. Its time ends before the asar time . When zuhr prayer time starts, it is also known as zawal time when the sun reaches its peak.

Asr namaz rakat

Asar payer offers in the afternoon also knows as afternoon payer. It consists of 8 rakaats. 2 sunnah, and 2 farz namaaz. Asar time starts after zuhr and ends right before the Maghrib prayer.

Maghrib namaz rakat

Maghrib prayer time offers after asar, also know as sunset prayer. It consists of 7 rakaats. 3 farz, 2 sunnah and, 2 nafal. Maghrib time ends when the sky turns into dark, and we can say before isha prayers. But mostly we should try to offer this prayer asap because of its short timings.

Isha namaz rakat

It is known as night prayers, which is delivered during the last part of the day and ends before the fajr prayer. It consists of 17 rakaats: 4 sunnah, 4 farz, 2 sunnah, 2 nafal, 3 witr and 2 nafal.

Eid prayer timings in lahore vary from year to year. Eid ul Fitr Namaz timings in Lahore will be at 8:45 at the place of Badshahi mosque, Multan Mor road, Samnabad etc. timings vary from place to place. Whereas, Eid ul Adha prayer time in lahore at Badshahi mosque will be held at 8:30 am, moreover timings are different at Jamia masjid data darbar will be 8:00 am and in Qaddafi Stadium, Jamia Ashrafia Ferozpur Road timings will be 6:00 am. , Jamia Ashrafia Ferozpur Road, Maulana Abu Hafs Ali timings are 5:15 am

About Lahore

Lahore is one of the famous city and the capital of Pakistan. It is the second-largest country in PAK after Karachi. Moreover, 26th largest country in the world. In Punjab region, Lahore considered as the wealthiest city with an estimated GDP of $65.14 billion. Also, Lahore reflects its historical culture by celebrating events. The official religion in Lahore, Pakistan, is Islam. Several ppl from other religion are living here, life Christian, Shia, etc. Read more about Lahore

Many famous places in Lahore in which the names of various mosques are also clear. Famous places in Lahore illustrate the culture of Islam in which names of some of these mosques are particularly mention:

Famous mosque in Lahore

Mosque is a place of Muslim worship which you maybe seen in almost every Islamic country as well as in non Muslim countries as well. In Lahore, we have list of famous mosques:

  1. Shaheed Ganj Mosque
  2. Lahori Gate Mosque
  3. Badshahi Mosque
  4. Wazir Khan Mosque
  5. Shaheed Ganj Mosque

Get the detail about Lahore famous mosque, click here

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