Prayer times Qatar daily and weekly 2021

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Prayer times Qatar, Salah timings for today,20 Feb 2021. On our site you can easily find out the exact prayer times Qatar. As Qatar prayer timings are slightly different from doha namaz times. Get detail salaat timetable for today and weekly basis. We provide you accurate prayer(azan)time in Qatar for daily five prayer; fajr time in Qatar, dhuhr(zuhr) prayer time qatar, asr time in Qatar, maghrib time qatar and isha namaz time Qatar.

Today prayer time in Qatar-Doha

Fajr4:38 AM
Sunrise5:57 AM
Dhuhr11:46 AM
Asr3:07 PM
Maghrib5:36 PM
Isha7:06 PM

Weekly timetable Prayer times Qatar .Prayer is the second pillar of Islam and compulsory on every Muslim according to standardized salah time. A Muslim must offer to pray five times a day (farj, dohar(zuhr), asar, maghrib and isha) based on sun movement. Azan times is vary from one country to another, or one city to another as well, it also dependent on the position and direction of the Sun or geography of a country or city. Prayer always offers on time; it is important to be familiar with prayer times daily. Along with today prayer times in Qatar, we also mentioned the digital timetable about weekly prayer times in Qatar. Qatar and Doha prayer timings are similar

Weekly prayer times in Qatar

Mar 044:47 AM6:05 AM11:48 AM3:04 PM5:30 PM7:00 PM
Mar 054:46 AM6:05 AM11:48 AM3:04 PM5:31 PM7:01 PM
Mar 064:46 AM6:04 AM11:48 AM3:03 PM5:32 PM7:01 PM
Mar 074:45 AM6:04 AM11:47 AM3:03 PM5:32 PM7:02 PM
Mar 084:45 AM6:03 AM11:47 AM3:03 PM5:32 PM7:02 PM
Mar 094:44 AM6:03 AM11:47 AM3:02 PM5:33 PM7:03 PM
Mar 104:44 AM6:02 AM11:47 AM3:02 PM5:33 PM7:03 PM
Mar 114:43 AM6:01 AM11:47 AM3:01 PM5:34 PM7:03 PM

Nawafil azan time in Qatar-doha

Expect the five compulsory prayers, and there are few prayers in Islam as well, which also have timings different from daily five prayers which also call Nawafil prayers. These prayers are not compulsory, but if you do then Allah(SWT) grant you with special rewards. You can pray as much nafal as you can, have no fix rakaats. Allah likes those prayers in which Muslims offers in the midst of the night. Nawafil prayers and their details are giving below such as ashraq prayer time today Qatar, tahajjud time in Qatar, duha and awwabin prayer:

Nawafil PrayerStart timeEnd time
Tahajjud07:49 PM04:51 AM
Ishraq06:31 AM06:31 AM
Chasht09:01 AM11:07 AM
Awwabin05:34 PM11:07 AM

Qiyamul lail prayer time in Qatar starts in between 11:30pm to 12:30am. Moreover we have also mentioned zawal time in qatar doha.

Zawal Time :

Start Time:10:52AMEnd Time:11:34AM
Sun Rise :
Start Time:06:17 AMEnd Time:06:32 AM

Eid alFitr prayer

During Eid alFitr prayer, Muslims listen khutba(sermon) and gives charity (zakat-al-fitr). Eid prayer timings also vary from year to year. This year, the Eid ul fitr prayer time in qatar was different from previous year, as same in 2021 the timings will be different

Previous year: 2020Sun, May 24, 2020
This year: 2021Thu, May 13, 2021

Eid al adha in qatar 2021 with be celebrated on Monday, 19 july and in previous year eid al-adha 2020 qatar date was Thrusday, 30 july


Qatar, which is officially the State of Qatar . is a country located in Western Asia. Islam is the official religion of Qatar. Qatar’s total population is 2.7 million in 2020 according to a yearly estimate in which about 67.7% Islam (official), 13.8% Christian, 13.8% Hinduism, 3.1% Buddhism and 0.7% other religion, about 0.9% people are those who have no belief.

Natives of the Arabian island, many Qataris are moved from various migratory Arab tribes that came to Qatar within the 18th century from mainly the neighbouring areas of Nejd and Al-Hasa. Some of them belonged to descended from Omani tribes. Qatar has about 2.6 million population in early 2017, the overwhelming majority of whom about 92% living in Doha, the capital. About 88% of the Qatar population is from outside or foreign workers, due to a large number of foreign workers, the Indians being the most extensive community numbering around 1,230,000.

Religion in Qatar-doha

The Qataris are mainly Sunni Muslims. Islam is the official religion, and Islamic jurisprudence is that the basis of Qatar’s system. A significant minority of the population belongs to Hindu culture. Arabic is that the official language and English is the interlanguage of business. Hindi and Urdu are also widely spoken due to the minority of Asian, especially by the South Asian foreign workers. Education is compulsory and free for all citizens from the age of  6–16 years old. Qatar has an increasingly high literacy rate due to mandatory education from a different level

According to Islam and its practices, all the celebrations took place, Muslims celebrate Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha with full celebration. Many other people from other religions are also living there like Christian, Hindu and many more in a small percentage. They are allowed to perform their prayers according to their faith and celebrate their events in their houses. Muslims also wish the people according to their event who belong from other religion. Find out a famous mosque in Qatar on Doha prayer times

You can also view Muslim prayer times in different countries on our page such as Lahore, Abu Dhabi, Doha and many more

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