Prayer times Riyadh KSA – daily and weekly

Prayer times Riyadh (KSA)-People who like to offer prayer on time so it is important to know the namaz timings and rakaats as well. Find out the more accurate Riyadh salah timings for today and 7 days(week) and for month as well on

Prayer times in Riyadh today

Fajr4:58 AM
Sunrise6:15 AM
Dhuhr12:05 PM
Asr3:26 PM
Maghrib5:55 PM
Isha7:25 PM

Prayer times in Riyadh today, fajr , Dhuhr , asr prayer, Maghrib and isha prayer times in Riyadh. Salaah times vary from day to day due to the change in position and movement of the sun on a daily basis. Find daily and weekly 7 days schedule. On our site you can get accurate prayer times Riyadh for today and coming next week.

Weekly Prayer times in Riyadh

Mar 024:58 AM6:15 AM12:05 PM3:26 PM5:55 PM7:25 PM
Mar 034:57 AM6:15 AM12:05 PM3:26 PM
5:55 PM7:25 PM
Mar 044:56 AM6:15 AM12:05 PM3:26 PM5:56 PM7:26 PM
Mar 054:55 AM6:14 AM12:04 PM3:26 PM5:56 PM7:26 PM
Mar 064:54 AM6:14 AM12:04 PM3:26 PM5:57 PM7:27 PM
Mar 074:53 AM6:13 AM12:04 PM3:25 PM5:58 PM7:28 PM
Mar 084:53 AM6:13 AM12:04 PM3:25 PM5:58 PM7:29 PM
Mar 094:52 AM6:12 AM12:04 PM3:25 PM5:59 PM7:30 PM
Mar 104:51 AM6:11 AM12:04 PM3:25 PM6:00 PM7:31 PM

Riyadh Nawafil prayer times- Saudi Arabia

Expect the five compulsory prayers, and there are few prayers in Islam as well, which also have timings different from daily five prayers which also call Nawafil prayers. These prayers are not compulsory, but if you do then Allah(SWT) grant you with special rewards. You can pray as much nafal as you can, have no fix rakaats. Allah likes those prayers in which Muslims offers in the midst of the night. Nawafil prayers and their details are giving below on viewprayertimes:

Nawafil prayerStart timeEnd time
Tahajjud08:10 PM05:09 AM
Ishraq06:49 AM06:49 AM
Chasht09:20 AM11:27 AM
Awwabin05:55 PM06:55 PM

Riyadh in Arabic, Ar- Riyad, is the largest city of Saudi Arabia, located in Ar Riyad and situated in the Arabian peninsula. The total population of Riyadh is 7.6 million and the most populous city in Saudi Arabia.

There are more than 4000 mosques find in this city and every day begins with a call to prayer. As Riyadh follows the Islamic value, so people face no difficulty in practice, Islam. In addition, people from other religions also live there, they are allowed to perform prayer according to their religion and can celebrate their religious event in their families. People who came from different countries for work belong from different regions as well as many Muslims from other counties are also living there.

Islam is the major religion all over the Saudi countries, and the people of Riyadh are mainly Muslims. Aside from other religious activities are prohibited in all Saudi city in Riyadh as well. People are allowed to celebrate and take part in all Islamic events.

Prayer (salah, namaz) is obligatory for adult Muslims daily according to standardized prayer time after declaring faith in Allah and His Messenger Prophet (SWT). Salaah is the only way to communicate with ALLAH(SWT) because Allah wants to stay connected with us as person to person.

Purpose of salaah:

It is a physical, mental, or spiritual act of worship of Allah. Prayers are observed five times a day by Muslims every day at a prescribed time. It has been made compulsory for every Muslim all around the globe. Salaah are offered every day by Muslims according to the movement and position of the Sun and performed five times a day as per the following time:

  • Fajr prayer time: at the time of Dawn, before sunrise.
  • Dhuhr prayer: Midday, right after the sun passes its highest point.
  •  Asar prayer time: The late part of the afternoon.
  • Maghrib prayer time: right after sunset.
  • Isha prayer time: Between sunset and midnight.

Prayers help you to seek nearness to Allah and create strong relationships through worship. Purification of the heart is the ultimate goal of the religious objective of prayer.

All your problems will fly away when you pray daily five times and Allah sort out every of your problem. As ALLAH(SWT) “so remember me, I’ll remember you.

Al Rijhi Grand Mosque:

prayer times riyadh

It is the biggest and famous in Riyadh, built with the donation of Ar Rijhi family. This place is not only specified for worship but most of the community events and meetings also take place here.

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