Prayer times Sydney 2021- daily & weekly

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Prayer times Sydney Australia, Salah timings for today,22 Jan 2021 are Fajr Time 4:29 AM, Sunrise in Sydney 6:07 AM , Dhuhr prayer Times 1:07 PM, Asr Time Sydney 4:51 PM, Maghrib namaz Time 8:06 PM & Isha prayer Time  9:38 PM. People who like to offer prayer on time so it is important to know the namaz timings and rakaats as well. Find out the more accurate Sydney salah timings for today and 7 days(week) and for month as well on

Prayer times Sydney today

Fajr4:54 AM
Sunrise6:25 AM
Dhuhr1:09 PM
Asr4:51 PM
Maghrib7:53 PM
Isha9:18 PM

People who do not have access to a mosque nearby, they are unable to hear azaan so for their convenience we also mention the weekly namaaz timings Sydney. To offer namaz/salat on time, it is important to be familiar with the accurate prayer times Sydney. View fajr azan time, zuhr namaaz timing , asr time Sydney, maghrib time and isha namaz timing for today and weekly 7 days. Moreover, these prayer timings update daily according to different calculation methods such as the University of Islamic science, fiqa Hanafi (Sunni). View accurate today and weekly Muslim Prayer Sydney timetable below:

Weekly Muslim Prayer times Sydney

Feb 104:54 AM6:25 AM1:09 PM4:51 PM7:53 PM9:18 PM
Feb 114:55 AM6:26 AM1:09 PM4:51 PM7:53 PM9:18 PM
Feb 124:58 AM6:26 AM1:09 PM4:51 PM7:51 PM9:18 PM
Feb 134:59 AM6:26 AM1:09 PM4:50 PM7:51 PM9:18 PM
Feb 144:59 AM6:30 AM1:09 PM4:50 PM7:51 PM9:18 PM
Feb 155:00 AM6:30 AM1:09 PM4:50 PM7:51 PM9:18 PM
Feb 165:02 AM6:30 AM1:09 PM4:50 PM7:51 PM9:18 PM
Feb 175:02 AM6:30 AM1:09 PM4:50 PM7:51 PM9:18 PM

What is Fajr time in Sydney?

In Sydney, fajr prayer offer at 4:29 AM.  Fajr is the start of the day. Moreover, fajr consists of 4 rakaats, two farz, and two sunnah. Farj prayer offers before the sunrise as we can say dawn time, and remains until the sun shows up. Farj time ends when the sunrise.

What is zuhr time in Sydney?

Dhuhr prayer in Sydney offers in the mid of the day at  1:07 PM . This namaaz consists of 12 rakaats in which 4 sunnah which offers at first then 4 farz offer after sunnah then 2 sunnah and 2 nafal. Its time ends before the asar time . When zuhr prayer time starts, it is also known as zawal time when the sun reaches its peak.

What is Asr time in Sydney?

Asar payer offers in the afternoon at  4:51 PM also knows as afternoon payer. It consists of 8 rakaats. 2 sunnah, and 2 farz namaaz. Asar time starts after zuhr and ends right before the Maghrib prayer.

What is Maghrib time Sydney?

Maghrib prayer time offers in Sydney at 8:06 PM after asar, also know as sunset prayer. It consists of 7 rakaats. 3 farz, 2 sunnah and, 2 nafal. Maghrib time ends when the sky turns into dark, and we can say before isha prayers. But mostly we should try to offer this prayer asap because of its short timings.

What is isha time in Sydney?

It is known as night prayers offer at 9:38 PM in London, which is delivered during the last part of the day and ends before the fajr prayer. It consists of 17 rakaats: 4 sunnah, 4 farz, 2 sunnah, 2 nafal, 3 witr and 2 nafal.

Sydney is the most popular country in Australia and the capital of new south wales, whereas Canberra is Australia’s capital. Sydney is located on the east coast of Australia. According to 2018 estimation, Sydney, Australia’s total population is 5.23 million, increasing day by day also. The entire Muslim people living in Sydney, According to the 2016 census, numbered 604,235 individuals, about 42% of people living in Greater Sydney and31% in greater Melbourne. The rest 8% lives in the Greater Perth.

Religion in Sydney people from different religions found in Sydney, but Islam is only 5.3% out of the whole population. As the vast number of Muslims live in Sydney.m, different mosques also build to offer five times prayers and jummah and nawafil prayers. These mosques are made to pray and play Muslim community centers, such as providing them with different facilities such as guidance and counseling, Islamic education, marriage counseling, and guidance in solving family matters. Moreover, many people from other cities and countries visit Australia Sydney, so they must know about the exact namaz and prayer timings Sydney offers prayers on time.

Famous mosques in Sydney

Below e have list of famous mosques of Sydney which provide the Muslims individuals exact Salah and Prayer times Sydney

  • Sydney CBD Masjid
  • Red fern Mosque
  • King Faisal Mosque
  • Al-Azhar Mosque
  • Lakemba Mosque

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